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m older cattle, which is regarded as posing the greatest risk of transmitting mad cow disease. As part of efforts to address the public fears over the disease, Lee ha▓d a phone conversation with U.S. President George W. Bush l▓ast Saturday, and both of

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to ensure that U.S. beef from cattle older than 30 mo▓nths is not exported to South Korea. However, har

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ts and opposition parties still vowed to resist until Lee agrees ▓to renegotiate the beef import deal with Washington t

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gy pioneered by NASA is becoming a useful▓ tool for Australian cattle farmers. They're using GPS units to keep an eye on their vas▓t properties, with the click

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eeping track of a huge cattle station in Australia can mean driving around the property for several hours a▓ day.But for some farmers

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nd, tech▓nology is now making the task a little easier through the use of satellite imagery.▓With the help of a Global Positioning System, better

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known▓ as GPS, this family now knows exactly what types of land exist on their prop

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